Returning to Church

Guidelines for In-Person Worship:

We are currently holding In-Person Worship Services with RSVPs required. Here's what this looks like:

*Note: Guidelines may be subject to change as needed or as NJ State Requirements change.

It's Okay To Stay Online:

Not everyone is ready or able to participate in in-person worship, and that's okay. The services are broadcasted on Facebook and YouTube on Sundays at 8:30am ET and at 10:00am ET for hose worshipping from home or remotely.

Two Duplicate Services:

We are currently offering two duplicate services at 8:30am and 10:00am. They are duplicate in that they will have the same songs and same sermon. They will both be livestreamed as well.

RSVP Please:

NJ state guidelines currently restrict church building capacity to 25%, which for Sussex CRC is around 75 people. During this time, we are using an RSVP system.

How this works:

Registration information is emailed out each week on Monday. In the email, click on the Register button and sign up with your name, email address, and number of people coming with you.

If you are not on our email lists and would like to be added, please let us know by contacting the office!

No Nursery:

Due to restrictions, we are not offering nursery at this time. The Fellowship Hall downstairs has a changing table and an area you can take children to if they need to step out of the service for a bit.


Masks Are Required: 

Masks shall be worn for the duration of worship services. If you forgot to bring a mask, one will be provided for you. Extra masks can be found on a table in the back of the sanctuary by the stairs.


Entrance and Exit:

The white doors facing the street will be the main entrance and exit for the Sanctuary. This will help minimize the number of surfaces touched and requiring cleaning.



We will not have a offertory time during the service. Instead, you can give online or place donations in marked boxes in the Sanctuary.

Sanitizers Available:

Hand sanitizers are available at the back of the Sanctuary.

In the Pews:

Bulletins will be laid out on the seats and pews in advance so nothing has to be handed out. Song lyrics and readings will be on the screen so you can follow along there.

Song books and Bibles are available in the pews if you would like to follow along with them.

As Proverbs 16:9 says, "We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps." (NLT). What we've outlined is a step in the process of reopening in-person gatherings. Let's not forget God's faithfulness which helped us meet together in different ways for the past few months. Let's trust that the Holy Spirit has been with us this whole time and will guide us in our plans moving forward.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:

Physical Location: 49 Unionville Ave, Sussex NJ

Mailing Address: PO Box 745, Sussex NJ 07461

Service Times: 8:30am & 10:00am ET

Pastor Kendall Everett

Church Office Hours:

Monday: 2pm-5pm

Tuesday: 9am-3pm

Wednesday: 9am-12pm

Thursday: 9am-3pm

Friday: 2pm-5pm

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