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Meeting practical needs in our community in the name of Christ.

2024 Project Dates: July 6-13

The Compassion Project is a service project involving multiple churches in our own community. The goal is to meet tangible home repair needs and point people to a personal relationship with Jesus. Why compassion? It's simple- Jesus showed compassion to people and met people where they were at to build relationships. His example shows us that acts of compassion create unique and exciting opportunities for relationships to be built and the gospel to be shared.

Sample Projects Include:

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Caulking

  • House cleaning

  • Painting

  • Power washing

  • Recycling

  • Trimming bushes & trees

  • Weeding & mulching

About Volunteering

Ways to Volunteer:

  • Become a project leader

  • Coordinate and communicate with our contacts

  • Volunteer your time to serve

  • Volunteer your time to meet/visit with neighbors that we will be serving

  • Donate towards funds for supplies

  • Pray that this will be an opportunity for our church community to meet tangible needs in our community and point people to Christ.   

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