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Our church supports a number of missionaries around the world. These missionaries help spread the Gospel and serve in their communities in a number of ways. Some of these ways include working with churches, working in education and schools, running Bible studies, and building relationships with those in their communities.

Periodically, updates and stories about these missionaries are posted in our monthly church newsletter.

This is a portait of the Gryglewicz family, with Johnny, Kim, and their two girls.

Johnny and Kim Grylewicz - Haiti

This is a portrait image of Larry and Ruth Spalink. They are standing in front of a blooming flowering tree.

Larry and Ruth Spalink - Japan​

This is a portrait collage of Mike Mun, his wife Diana, and their son Micah.

Mike Mun and Diana Yu - NJ Campus Ministry​

This is a family portrait of Liam and Jessica Starkenburg and their four kids.

Liam and Jessica Starkenburg - Nicaragua

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