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Current session has ended. We will announce if another one begins.

  • Do you get frustrated at the end of the month when your monthly bill payments are more than your monthly income?

  • Are you and your spouse on the same page when it comes to your monthly finances?

  • Have you ever dreamed about what it would be like to be a millionaire?

  • Or having no debt so that you can make a purchase of a vehicle, boat, household items or even a home without having to ask the bank for a loan or mortgage to make these purchases?

  • Or better yet, be able to support worthy causes with financial donations?


If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, our Financial Peace University class has a spot for you!


Come learn the 7 Baby Steps and More:

  • Baby Step 1 = Budgeting

  • Baby Step 2 = Paying of Debit using the debit snowball

  • Baby Step 3 = Save for your Emergency Fund

  • Baby Steps 4, 5, 6 & 7 = Investing for Retirement, Save for Kids College, Pay Your Home Off Early, etc.

  • Understanding Insurance

  • And so much more!


We would like to invite you, whether you are single, married, 17 or 70, to come join us on a fun, biblical, 9-week journey to eliminate those monthly anxieties of bill paying, to be on the “same page” with our spouse, to become that millionaire, to make purchases with cash, plan for the future and how to save money for those un-expected emergencies. We will learn biblical ways on how to make our hard-earned money work for us and not for the lender. As it is stated in Proverbs 22:7; “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender”.


We will be hosting a “Financial Peace University” course, beginning on Tuesday, January 16, and continuing each Tuesday night there after in the church fellowship hall. You are welcome to come to the first class for free, yes free!  If you like the first class and want to continue the journey with us, we will help get you signed up and get the materials to you, ASAP. 


Feel free to reach out to us with any questions that you may have. We will be very happy to answer them or visit for more details. There is still time to register. If you would like to register for this course, please contact us as soon as possible.  


In the words of Dave Ramsey “Live Like No One Else So That Later We Can Live And Give Like No One Else!” Our prayers will be with you as you consider embarking on the journey with us!


Invite a friend!

For questions, please contact Rick and Judy or the Church Office.

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