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Season of New Life

The crocuses, hyacinths and daffodils are blooming. The tulips seem close behind! New chicks are on their way to the local feedstore. There are new calves at the farms. Robins fill my yard. This can only mean one thing; Spring is finally here.

I don't know about you, but it's felt like a long winter in my household. We didn't get a whole lot of snow, but the cycles of sickness have hit us a with a vengeance this year. Common colds, coughs, congestion, fevers, pink eye and stomach bugs have led to many sleepless nights, headaches, and a deep longing for a new season. The season of Spring brings with it a beautiful sense of hope in what is new. When we get those delightful early Spring days, the warm sunshine can refresh a weary soul and give a taste of joy to come.

I think the changing of seasons is a wonderful gift from God. We say goodbye to a season that was, and look forward to a new season that is. This is like what Jesus does for us. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says," …if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The cold has gone, the new is here!"

In our lives, we will likely face many seasons that we wish would end. Seasons of illness, waiting, pain, grief, stress. We may face seasons of disorientation, anxiety, struggle with sin or doubts about our self-worth. What God reminds us, however, is that in Jesus we are already made new. Our sins have been forgiven and His new creation is already here. That doesn't automatically make all our struggles go away. That won't make my household perfectly healthy or make all our dreams come true right now like we might want. But what it does do is give us a confidence that our struggles are temporary. Just as the crocuses pop out of the ground, we see the Creator's hand showing us the newness of His creation. Lives changed by his grace, a helping hand in time of need, a hope in God through dark times, a sense of being loved by God and the promise of a better day coming. We find that in relationship with God himself through Jesus the Son.

Easter is next week. While culture may see the holiday as just a sign of Springtime, Christians know it is the day of resurrection from the dead. It's the day Jesus defeated death and walked out of the tomb. It's the defeat of sin and the birth of God's kingdom. It is the hope of ALL things being made new. In this season of new life, I hope God reminds us of the joy of new life in him.

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